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The Globe MK2 Data Center

In recent years, the data center business in the Philippines has increasingly come to the fore. This is not only because the services local data centers provide are fundamental to the success of many Philippine industries whose growth continues to make the country’s economy one of the current bright spots worldwide, but also because such...


Visita Iglesia and Alay Lakad Tips

This Holy Week, many Filipino Catholics would attend religious activities like processions, pilgrimages, and Visita Iglesia. Here are some tips on how to have a hassle-free and safe pilgrimage for everyone to have a reflection-filled and meaningful Holy Week. Don’t bring valuables. Avoid wearing flashy jewelry and bringing unnecessary gadgets like laptop and tablet computers....


Patulog-tulog: Complacency and Neglect

  Here is a picture of something scary and dangerous: a guard sleeping. If he is on duty, the guard is breaking all the 11 general orders of a sentinel. He is sleeping and not doing his job. This picture, no matter how humorous it may be, is something to be taken seriously. The picture...


How to Deal with Having a Gay Child

I am writing this piece as an ordinary woman. I am sharing my views as an ordinary mother. I am no ‘noted psychologist’ neither am I a celebrity mother with endorsements left and right. But I believe that everyone is entitled to his/ her opinion; I want mine to be heard. I cannot guarantee that...


When Earthquake Drills Go Wrong

The University of the Philippines (UP) College of Engineering has conducted another earthquake drill last March 14, 2013. But unlike the first drill last September 2012, things did not exactly go as scripted. The latest drill was larger and spanned three buildings namely the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute, Department of Mining, Metallurgical and Materials...


OTS Won’t Allow Knives and Blades Despite TSA’s New Aviation Policy

The United States’ Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has modified its guidelines in terms of carry-on items allowed in commercial airliners, according to various reports. In a statement, TSA said that, effective April 25 this year, it “will allow knives that do not lock, and have blades that are 2.36 inches or 6 centimeters or less...


Security guard kills woman who allegedly extorted him

A security guard shot to death a woman who he had claimed extorted money from him. Killed on the spot at the Philtranco bus terminal on EDSA corner Banahaw in Cubao yesterday was a woman bearing a fake ID with the name of “Christine Tugade”, supposedly a commission officer with a rank of lieutenant. PO2...


Security Outlook on the Sabah Dispute

The situation in Sabah has turned from dire to worse. Armed fighting erupted as Malaysian security forces are continuously engaging the followers of the Sultanate of Sulu. This has resulted to growing security concerns for both the Philippines and Malaysia. The Standoff and Conflict The whole situation started when at least 200 followers of the...


Microsoft Philippines: Viruses, Malware in Southeast Asia

Keshav Dhakad, Microsoft director of Intellectual Property for Asia Pacific and Japan Over a year ago, at a roundtable in Manila held to promote its Play Fair Day software initiative, Microsoft Philippines presented the high points of a study done with the Harrison Group, which aimed to explore the drawbacks of using pirated software. In a...

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