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The Price of Armed Conflict: Trauma in Women and Children

In an interview with Jessica Zafra, Amy Tan, author of the modern classic The Joy Luck Club and other bestsellers, said “without trauma, you’ll never be a writer.” Now let’s see if I can write. Last July 11, New People’s Army (NPA) rebels raided the Civilian Volunteer Outpost (CVO) in Alagatan, Gingoog City, Misamis Oriental...


The Horrors of Baby Theft: A Mom’s Eye View

When I first heard of the news that a three-day-old baby was kidnapped from a hospital in Quezon City, I shrugged it off and deemed it a case of utter neglect on the part of the mother. You see, I gave birth in December 2010 and I thought if Santa Teresita—the hospital where this incident...