The Philippines’ first and only industry magazine that deals with safety and security matters pervading the environment today.

Why Security Matters?

Simply because security matters.
A longer answer would be because various security matters matter to everyone, everyday, in every way.

But what are security matters in the first place?

Starting with this issue, we describe varying perceptions of security in a nutshell, national security issues and lots of industrial security concerns. And since this is a summer issue, nothing is more fitting to feature than securing tourism growth initiatives.

Our series on tourism security starts with a back packer’s tale up north in Vigan. And in true holistic fashion, we talk about the security of the tourism journey from end to end.

As most security practitioners often say, security is everybody’s concern.  I dare add that everybody is security’s concern. And with such general equations, the variables become more exponential as business and environment changes, thus creating more grey matters.

SecurityMatters™ magazine is not an official newsletter of any security organization. But check out our Industry News section that dwells on the career movements of security professionals and important events within the security industry. We will voice out legitimate security concerns of professionals and organizations across all fields of security, specifically those of practitioners in physical and logical security, occupational and fire life safety; as well as first responders, security services providers and personnel, the armed forces,  and those in public safety (read: police).

SecurityMatters™ will not replace advisories from foreign consultancy firms that most corporations subscribe to for their local assessments. We will supplement them by providing the context of the security landscape from the viewpoint of the readers and protection professionals alike.

We aim to educate readers from all walks of life about the different aspects of security and safety that affect the broad spectrum of daily life — from being street smart against criminality to the geopolitical dimensions of terrorism.

Being street smart nowadays may require situational awareness. Like the inevitable convergence of physical and logical security, globalization of business enterprises is already highlighting the interwoven dimensions of national and industrial security. There is that imperative to know more on security matters.

SecurityMatters™ believes that being misinformed, or worse, being completely unaware about security may have an adverse effect on our valuable assets — human lives, core trade secrets and tangible properties.  It pays to be informed. This is why security matters.