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Ram Revilla murder getting weirder by the minute

The case of Ramgen “Ram” Magsaysay Bautista Revilla is getting weirder every minute.

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First, the primary suspects behind his killing include his brother Ramon Joseph “RJ” Bautista and sister Ma. Ramona Bautista who allegedly plotted to kill Ram because of jealousy over a PhP1 million monthly allowance for the brood.

Second, while police already detained RJ Bautista during the wake of his brother, Ma. Ramona stayed out of detention as his half-brother Sen. Ramon “Bong” Revilla initially assumed custody. The senator later denied he coddled Ma. Ramona at any time.

Third, Ram’s girlfriend Janelle Manahan who survived from two gunshot wounds, confirmed the sibling rivalry angle and said Ma. Ramona acted strangely during the incident. Manahan said it was Ramona who knocked on the door that led to the killer getting in the room. Ramona, Manahan said, also shouted to the killer, “Tama na! Tama na (Stop it!),” pertaining to what was being done to his brother. Manahan added she asked Ramona to call RJ for help but she just walked away.

Fourth, Ma. Ramona changed her previous statement that she was supposedly abducted by the gunmen and was left in front of a mall along Alabang-Zapote road in Las Piñas, where a security guard saw her and turned her over to the police.

Ramgen’s production assistant saw her casually walking out of the house behind his brother RJ and the two gunmen. The village guards also saw her and RJ leave their house. Manahan’s testimony is also corroborated by 4 more witnesses. One of them is the hitman who was actually a part of the team that would kill Ramgen, but he backed out.

Fifth, like a sign of guilt, Ma. Ramona left the country November 4 aboard a Cathay Pacific flight to Hong Kong. Before she did, she admitted that she wasn’t abducted. She said she was still in shock when she discovered that Ramgen was killed.  She said she later told police that she was abducted by Ramgen’s killer but was abandoned near Starmall in Las Piñas because she was ashamed about leaving Jannelle and Ramgen.

Despite her retraction about the abduction, Ramona denied that she had a hand in the murder of Ramgen. Ramona, her brother, Ramon Joseph, and 5 others have been identified as suspects in the killing.

Sixth, Ram’s mother Genelyn Magsaysay is blaming Sen. Ramon Revilla for what she calls meddling with her family and her son’s case. She questioned the motive of the senator in bringing to the authorities her son Ramon Joseph and said that was probably a political move by Revilla Jr. to protect his name in future elections.

Seventh, the case is opening a can of worms on how a showbiz-politico patriarch maintained his multiple families. Accusations and intrigues are being thrown at each family, putting a spot on children. Family representatives have confirmed that Ramon Sr. fathered at least 72 children from 16 women.

It would be interesting to note how government would treat this case now that Ma. Ramona is reportedly in Turkey where her husband reportedly hails from. This early, Justice Secretary Laila de Lima said the might place Ma. Ramona on the “red notice list” of the International Police (Interpol) to restrict her movement abroad.

The Philippines has no extradition treaty with Turkey. Authorities however said the government can still “cause the return to the country” of Ramona, according to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA).

Raul Hernandez, DFA spokesperson, on Sunday said “once DFA gets a court order, we will cause the cancellation of (Ramona’s) passport so her movements are restricted.” The foreign office is also considering “exploring the (Interpol) mechanism to cause her return to the country,” Hernandez said. Aside from the Philippine Embassy in Ankara, which is headed by Ambassador Marilyn Alarilla, the country operates a consulate general in Istanbul and honorary consulates in Izmir and Gaziantep.

Sen. Revilla called a press conference November 5 to ask the DFA to “exert legal and diplomatic efforts to bring Ramona back to the country and face our justice system.” Hernandez said the department would “work closely with the Department of Justice on this matter to ensure that justice is served.”