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Video shows cop shooting unarmed suspect already on the ground

MANILA — A closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera has caught a policeman shooting an alleged robber who was already lying down on the ground.

The footage of the shooting between police and three armed robbers, was taken in San Fernando City, La Union, and was aired by ABS-CBN Channel 2.

After overpowering the three suspects,  they were made to lie face down on the ground. The incident took place last November 9.

The Commission on Human Rights has reacted to this footage by saying it would investigate the said policeman.

Regional human rights commissioner Jasmin Regino said that the police involved in this footage may face murder raps if it is proven that they helped kill a man who was already brought down.

According to Regino, the victim was in this position when one policeman fired one more shot at one of them. All three suspects died.

Police Director Senior Superintendent Ed Tinio  defended the policemen in question and said that officers who are in danger have the right to shoot in order to defend themselves. However, he admitted that they would have to investigate the matter first.

Though investigations are in order, the authorities should consider the footages carefully, as images never lie. It is particularly worrying if one considers the country’s  history of extra-judicial killings and the reported cover-up of corruption in the police and military ranks. This case cast a serious doubt on the officer in question.

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