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Safety tips during Christmas shopping


  1. Crime succeeds especially in large crowded areas. Be alert and scan the area. Have an alert appearance too so that pickpockets will not think of approaching you.
  2. Avoid wearing jewelry. Don’t bring valuables like your iPad and expensive gadgets.
  3. Use an ATM, debit or credit card. Avoid counting bills and change. Don’t risk having paper bills falling from your pocket or from your clutches.
  4. Keep your hands free as much as possible. Deposit your purchases at the package counter or occasionally make trips to leave them in the trunk of your car.
  5. Make sure your bag, wallet, mobile phone and other valuables are held by both hands and pressed to your neck or chest and that nothing of value can be picked from your back pockets.
  6. In Light or Metro rail transits, thieves often work in groups or pairs and often press closely on their target. While you are distracted and in distress, they may pick on your shopping bags, pocket or bag.
  7. If you are taking a taxi, it’s better to hire a special one to service you during the day and a driver whom you personally know.