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Safety in using Christmas lights

  1. Examine your Christmas decors especially your Christmas lights and lanterns.
  2. Make sure that these were inspected by the Department of Trade and Industry.
  3. Put up your Christmas tree and decorations away from curtains and other combustible materials.
  4. Avoid leaving Christmas lights turned on overnight to avoid fire or overheating.
  5. Avoid octopus lines to minimize overloading of electrical system.
  6. Never place appliance cords or extension cords under a carpet.
  7. Do not leave infants or children alone in places where they are in danger of falling or near electrical outlets or gadgets and candles.
  8. Always position appliances (TV, computer, sound system, heating appliances, etc.) in a spacious area to prevent overheating.
  9. Repair faulty functioning appliances.
  10. Use appliances at a specified voltage only.
  11. Unplug appliances by grasping the plug, not by yanking the cord, when not in use and when leaving the house.


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