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Christmas Eve Safety Tips

Christmas Eve is a time for merriment. It is an occasion for family get-togethers and gift giving. Despite this, the season is not a time for letting our guard down. Just like any other day, Christmastime requires everyone to be careful to avoid mishaps and becoming victims of crime.

  1. As much as possible, don’t leave your house unattended during Christmas Eve. If you can’t help it, make it appear that someone is inside your home. Thieves can strike anytime even on this day.
  2. Always check your appliances for fire hazards since you might fail to attend to these at the time when it matters most.
  3. In the Philippines, Christmas lights, as well as appliances, must have the proper Product Standards (PS) mark or an Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) mark. A PS mark or an ICC mark indicates that the product complied with the safety and quality standards issued by the Bureau of Product Standards of the Department of Trade and Industry.
  4. There are some instances that even if your appliances are certified, it might still break down and cause short circuits. The rule is ‘always check your appliances and wirings.’
  5. When bringing children to Christmas Eve parties, keep an eye out for danger spots. The homes that you visit may not be childproofed. At the same time, make your house safe and friendly to children.
  6. Christmas parties can increase everyone’s stress levels. Avoid overeating and keep the alcohol intake at a minimum level.
  7. Don’t drink and drive.
  8. Assign designated drivers or have the phone number of a taxi service available.
  9. If guests will be coming from far away, it is better to have them stay than drive in less than top condition.

The general rule is to be not careless. Always be cautious and thorough in your actions to avoid accidents. Use common sense to assess the security in your homes. You are the best judge of the situations presented before you.