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PNP pursues riding-in-tandem criminals

MANILA – The Philippine National Police has announced that it is stepping up its already heightened efforts against motorcycle riding-in-tandem criminals.

PNP Chief Director General Nicanor Bartolome noted that the PNP is already conducting strict implementation of the Police Integrated Patrol System (PIPS).

Bartolome said street crimes will surely be lessened and prevented if more motorcycle riding in tandem will be neutralized because of auxiliary crimes that these criminals commit. “For every riding in tandem neutralized, several crimes are solved,” he said, citing operational accomplishments in 2011.

Bartolome said motorcycle-riding criminals are notorious serial offenders, adding that arrested riding in tandem criminals were found to be involved in such street crimes as robbery hold up, carnapping or even murder.

Though incidents involving motorcycle riding in tandem increased in year 2011 compared to year 2010, the PNP was able to neutralize 298 suspects, filed 158 cases in court and solved 177 other cases through heightened operations against motorcycle riding in tandem.

Likewise, PNP statistics show total crimes against persons in 2011 is lower by 30.42% or 59,860 from 86,036 in 2010, and total crime against property in 2011 has dropped down to 17.88% or 97,671 from 118,943 in 2010. This can be attributed to increased operations against riding in tandem criminals.

Based on the records from the Directorate for Investigation and Detective Management (DIDM), the top three regions that got the highest number of incidents involving motorcycle riding in tandem for the year 2010 are the same regions that got the highest number in year 2011.

Region 3 netted 791 incidents in 2011 from 566 incidents in 2010. Region 7 has 452 incidents in 2011 from 397 in 2010.

The National Capital Region has 374 incidents in 2011 from 525 incidents in 2010.

Bartolome said these police regional offices topped the number of successful operations against these criminals. “Aside from the continuous police operations, the public are encouraged to participate in the effort by being vigilant and alert at all times in their respective community,” he said.