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UP student stabbed inside Diliman campus

A University of the Philippines student was attacked inside the Diliman campus in Quezon City Wednesday (February 1).

Lordei Camille Hina, a fourth year Political Science student, was initially with a friend inside the University Student Council (USC) office at Vinzons Hall when two suspects went in the office.

The perpetrators claimed they were tattoo artists and inquired about renting a booth in the upcoming University fair. They waited until Hina was alone in the office, a couple of hours after the lunch break, after which they announced a robbery, hitting Hina in the head with a hard object.

The robbers also stabbed her in the face and carted away two computer laptops before fleeing on foot.

Quick-thinking security guard Gerry Docto, who was outside the Vinzons Hall, saw suspect Carlo Pecayo with a full backpack. He tried to question him. When Pecayo ran and hailed a taxi cab, Docto took down the taxi’s plate number.

Docto immediately reported the incident to the UP Diliman Police and to his colleagues. Roving guards intercepted the taxi along Guerrero Street in front of Asian Center.

The suspect was turned over to the UP Diliman Police, who said they found an ice pick and laptops inside Pecayo’s backpack.

Meanwhile, a bloodied Hina was found lying on the floor inside the USC office unable to move and speak. The room was also found in total disarray, signifying Hina struggled with the suspects.

Hina, the secretary-general of UP student organization Center for Nationalist Studies (CNS), remains critical at the Capitol Medical Center. UP officials visited her but declined to issue an official statement.

The UP Diliman Police said a certain Dante Santos is believed to be Pecayo’s accomplice.

The Philippine Collegian, in a report, said that Hina was with a friend inside the USC office when the two suspects arrived to inquire.

According to the student publication, the two suspects left after being given the phone number of the one in charge of the booths. Pecayo, however, came back at around 2 p.m., saying he would just wait outside the USC office for the booths’ officer-in-charge.

At around 2:30 p.m., Hina’s companion went downstairs to buy food. After 30 minutes, Hina’s friend began receiving text messages from Hina, saying Pecayo was in the USC office again, asking questions.

Hina’s friend returned at around 3:30 p.m. but found the office locked. When she was able to get inside the office after borrowing a key from another friend, she saw Hina sprawled on the floor, her face and upper body bloodied.

Hina’s friend and other students helped to bring Hina to the UP Health Service, the Philippine Collegian said.