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‘Jaguar’ in the Campus

It was several years ago when I saw the Tagalog film, “Jaguar,” with a popular action star in the lead role. At first, unaware of the alias being attributed to a security guard, I thought I was going to watch a movie about a man with a ferocious jaguar as a pet or a man transforming himself into a ferocious animal. But as I watched the movie, I soon realized that the jaguar in the movie reffered to the guard who was the central character. Jaguar, I learned, is the inverted word for “guardia.” Nonetheless, I never regretted watching it as I saw the sacrifices of the lead character or “bida” who was playing the role of a security guard.

In the film, the guard was posted in a manufacturing firm laden with many corruptive practices. He got entangled with members of a syndicate who were the source of corruption in the company.

To cut the long story short, the dilemma in the movie was how the guard chooses between the good and the bad. In the end, the guard showed courage by risking his life to prove his innocence and commitment to his job and the company.


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