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Traffic enforcers don summer wear

Don’t be surprised if you see traffic enforcers of the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) in shorts and rubber shoes. You are not imagining things.

The MMDA Chairman has announced that members of the Agency’s EDSA 500 traffic constables will use the “Type C” uniform, consisting of MMDA short pants with blue regular uniform with necktie, regular low-cut or rubber shoes and protective headgear.

Tolentino said the new uniform will alleviate the discomfort and potential health hazards posed by the summer.

The MMDA’s graveyard shift Task Force Takip Silim will use the same uniform, but unlike the EDSA 500, they will wear a standard blue shirt with collar and cap.

Tolentino explained that this measure is a practical way to welcome the summer season, and is also practiced by the Hong Kong traffic police. “We want to promote the spirit of fitness and the culture of public assistance inculcated in organizations like the Boy Scouts,” he added.

The summer uniform shall be used until May 27.