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NPA marks 43rd anniversary

The Communist Party of the Philippines has called on its followers to undertake mass activities to mark the 43rd anniversary of the New People’s Army (NPA) today (March 29).

“On March 29, let us mark the 43rd anniversary of the NPA by celebrating the victories of the past year and steeling our determination to bring the people’s war to the strategic stalemate in the next few years,” said the CPP. “Let us echo the call for the Filipino people, especially the youth, to join the NPA.”

The CPP said: “Let us promote agrarian revolution and militate the peasant masses to wage anti-feudal and other democratic struggles. Let us further expand and galvanize the democratic mass organizations in the countryside that serve as the core and foundation of the people’s democratic government,” added the CPP.

The CPP also called on the Filipino people and all revolutionary forces to undertake cultural, education and propaganda activities in the next two weeks to mark the anniversary of the NPA. “Let us carry out street demonstrations, display streamers, put up posters, paint walls, write new poems and sing new songs,” said the CPP. It also called on all units of the NPA as well as people’s militias to prepare for military parades and cultural activities to celebrate the NPA anniversary with the people.

The CPP said several thousand people, including students, workers and people from urban poor communities, are expected to join units of the NPA, people’s militias and revolutionary peasant organizations in scores of guerrilla fronts across the country.