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Diarrhea outbreak kills 4 children

A diarrhea outbreak occurred in two barangays in General Santos City. Four children have died.

The outbreak occurred at Purok Saludin and Purok Mudia of Barangay Labangal and Purok Salafan of Barangay Apopong.

The epidemic, which ran from March 30 to April 19, affected a total of 243 persons, 132 of which were children, under 10 years old.

The four fatalities were Kinjie Masangkay, 3 months old, Rain Jairo Cabilo Dacayo, 9 months old, Angel Bernon, 2 and Calzuma Mustapha, 8. All died due to dehydration.

Four teams from the Rural Health Unit –Inter-Local Health Zone have been dispatched to provide medicine and other services to residents. A water sampling was also conducted by the Central Office Epidemiology Surveillance Unit.