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Transport Security Analysis

In this article, we will discuss some issues related to transportation security and analyze each option to educate the general public on transportation security management. The information approach is able to facilitate information sharing among the government, the carrier, and the public that is essential to the achievement of security objective. This article will arm you with both pre-planning solutions and aggressive crisis-response options. In terms of security assessment, the involvement of the public may help government and carrier to identify potential security weaknesses and suspected terrorists. To allocate limited resources to enhance the security measures, the government usually quantifies risks by identifying the weaknesses, evaluating the vulnerability and estimating the consequences. In terms of security control, the involvement of government can help the carrier and the public (especially passengers) detect and stop terrorist efforts within transportation facilities and vehicles.

The Tokyo subway poison gas attack in 1995, the infamous September 11 attack in 2001, the Madrid train bombings in 2004, and the London bombings in 2005. These are just some terrorist attacks on air-borne and surface vehicles that have awakened global awareness on transportation security.


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