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PNP needs 75 technical professionals

The Philippine National Police has opened 75 vacancies for professionals who wish to join the PNP Officer Corps as Police Commissioned Officers.

According to PNP Spokesman, Senior Supt. Generoso Cerbo Jr., the PNP Directorate for Personnel and Records Management (DPRM) is conducting another round of Lateral Entry screening process to fill authorized vacancies for technical service officers in the National Support Units this year.

Successful applicants will be appointed to the initial rank of Police Inspector with monthly basic salary of PhP32,341.00. Medical doctors, lawyers and chaplains will be appointed to the initial rank of Police Senior Inspector with monthly basic salary of PhP35,312.00, Cerbo said.

He explained there are a total of 98 vacant slots for technical service officers in the PNP National Support Units. At present, there are 23 applicants undergoing the Lateral Entry process, thus, 75 more vacancies need to be filled to complete the PNP requirement for technical service officers.

The vacancies are: four (4) lawyers in the PNP Legal Service; nine (9) Communications and Electronics (Commel) officers; 12 Medico-Legal Officers and 20 Forensic & Chemical Officers in the PNP Crime Laboratory; two (2) pilots in the Special Action Force; one (1) Chaplain officer in the Chaplain Service; and 12 Medical Officers and 15 Nurses in the PNP Health Service.

Applicants are required to undergo the mandatory Written Competitive Examination (WCE) and the Physical/Medical/Dental Examinations (PMDE), Cerbo said.

To broaden the pool of applicants, the Lateral Entry Program has allowed qualified personnel from other PNP Units to apply for the vacancies even if the available slots are for other PNP units, Cerbo explained.

“We want to have as much qualified applicants as possible, in order to have wider range of selection, because we want to get only the best and most qualified officers for the job,” Cerbo said.