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Traders Killed by Robbers; One Suspect Also Dead

A father and his daughter were shot and killed in a robbery incident inside their OC Cruz Store at 1320 Felix Huertas St., Sta. Cruz, Manila around 3 p.m. last Saturday, October 27. Victims were identified as Onofre Cruz, 53, and Shirra Gutierrez, 28.

According to gathered reports, the suspects were earlier seen eating at a nearby canteen before they decided to walk through the narrow pathway leading to the office of OC Cruz Store. Upon entering, one of the suspects with a gun declared a holdup and pointed his gun at Cruz’s wife, Susan.

Gutierrez quickly made a move to get a 380 caliber gun. However, one of the suspects was able to shot her first. Despite being wounded, she was still able to fire back at the suspect in his face. The suspect died on the spot, and was identified as Arnold Lipon, 36, from Cainta, Rizal.

The second suspect, who served as a look-out, went inside after hearing the gunshots and shot Gutierrez again. Gutierrez, before she was taken down, was again able to fire back at the second suspect on the shoulders.

Meanwhile, Cruz, who was worried over the commotion inside the office, attempted to fight back the third suspect but was also shot.

The two suspects, of which one was wounded on the shoulders, sped away with their loot using a getaway motorcycle with no plate. The loot has yet to be accounted for.

Father and daughter were rushed to Metropolitan Memorial Medical Center. The daughter died before she reached the hospital, while the father later succumbed to his wounds at around 7 p.m.

News sources said that police authorities are now hunting down as to where the suspects might seek medical attention.