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What to Do When Someone Breaks Into Your Home

thief burglar at house breaking

Your home is your sanctuary, the place where you expect privacy and peacefulness. If someone breaks into your home while you are there, it can produce feelings of fear, loss of confidence and insecurity. How often this occurs is unknown, because these types of crimes are often classified by police as robberies. While they do appear to be rare, being prepared should be a part of your overall home security plan. Here are factors to consider:

The Home Invader Profile

While the typical burglar works during the day when no one is at home, the home invader prefers evenings and weekends when people are home. The goal is usually to get you to give up your valuables, so they don’t have to search for them. They will often follow someone who drives an expensive car or wears expensive jewelry and looks vulnerable to attack.

Unfortunately, these thieves are more dangerous than their daytime counterparts. Violence from a home invasion most often occurs in the first 60 seconds, as the home invader subdues the family, Crime Doctor reports. These people use fear and intimidation to get information about where the expensive items are. They often work with an accomplice.

Preventing a Home Invasion

When the family is home, the alarm is usually off. Thieves are counting on this. When they break into a home, they know they won’t have to deal with an alarm system or the police arriving shortly.

To prevent this, try to keep the alarm on whenever you’re home. Get several alarm remotes, and leave them around the house. At first sign of trouble, trigger the alarm. The thieves will back off, since they’ve lost the benefit of time. Many security companies offer remote alarm activation.

Keep doors and windows shut and locked when you’re home. Discuss with the family how to deal with someone knocking at the door. Some people just naturally reach for the doorknob and pull the door open without saying anything to the person on the other side. That’s what the home intruder is hoping you will do. Make sure you know exactly who is outside of the door, and why they are there.

The Safe Room

Another strategy is to create a safe room in your house. This can be a bedroom or closet in the house which has been reinforced with a solid core exterior door. Keep a small emergency kit, a phone and a way to set the alarm off in the room. The door should have a deadbolt on it that can only be locked/unlocked from the inside.

When the intruders enter the house, look for a chance to get into the safe room and lock the door behind you. Set off the alarm, and call the police. Once the intruders hear the alarm and know the police are on the way, they will leave.

How to Act During a Home Invasion

If you find yourself confronted by these criminals, don’t try to resist, the South Brunswick Police Department stresses. Give them what they want. Try to be observant, so you can give details of the people to the police. Keep yourself and your family safe by complying with the invaders’ requests, while being good witnesses.

Do a good job securing your home, and you will be ready in case a home invasion happens. Talk with the family about how to react so everyone will be safe. It’s not a pleasant thing to plan for, but should it happen, you’ll be glad you took the time to plan.

What tips do you have for preparing for home invasions? Share them in the comments.