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Card Fraud

Case Study

Early this year, a colleague was victimized when his corporate card data was used by another person to purchase online. The victim was surprised to be informed by the bank that purchases for airline tickets had been made in succession using his credit card data. A third purchase had also been attempted but it was already declined as it would have gone over the credit limit. The colleague recalled that he had used his card twice in restaurants.

What could anyone have done in such a scenario?

Security Advice

Card fraud is more common than people think. Just take a look at its statistics anywhere. The era of the Internet, which has made online purchases possible and conducted with ease, has expanded the threat from card fraud. One does not need to steal your card to make purchases with it. One only needs to copy the data on your card and use it to purchase online. Therefore, anyone who gets a hold of your card is a suspect.

Suggested Actions

•             Report card fraud to your bank and employer immediately.

•             Promptly check with your bank if you suspect the possibility of card fraud.

•             Retrace your steps.

•             Talk to the management of the places you suspect the card data theft may have taken place.

•             In this particular case, get in touch with the airline company through the bank to identify the names of the passenger/s.

•             Share the passenger names with restaurant management to identify potential suspect among the staff.

•             In a restaurant scenario, the waiter and/or cashier could have had access to the card.

•             Be careful when using your card in public.

•             Always be aware of the possibility of card fraud each time you allow access to your card by other people.