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Video Surveillance Courses in Cebu City

SMM-AESSCCI-CCTV-Cebu-Posters-2013-08-27 SMM-AESSCCI-PSIS-CCTV-Cebu-Posters-2013-08-27 SMM-PSIS-CCTV-Cebu-Posters-2013-08-27

Even before the Boston Marathon and London bombings, the latest horrible bomb attacks in Mindanao, and petty crimes in establishments in the Philippines, several private enterprises and corporations have already recognized the benefits of video recordings to the solution of security cases. Ironically, the government institutions, that are cold to the idea of video surveillance inside their premises for obvious reasons, now mandates the widespread use of video surveillance among private business establishment, aside from the unabated use in public areas.

Today’s security landscape became too dependent on the benefits of video surveillance that police and other law enforcement agencies are encouraging the installation and use of CCTV systems in business areas. A growing number of key cities and municipalities have already enacted local ordinances requiring business establishments to install CCTV cameras in their properties and made such system a requirement for business permit applications. This resulted to massive and widespread installation of cameras in both public and private areas.

Vibrant economic development is manifested by the fast growth of the real estate and industrial sectors where the installation of video surveillance system outpaces the availability of formally and competently educated and trained operators. CCTV, as commonly known, will not be closed circuits anymore. We are now in the world of network cameras and high quality video recording devices, thus, the use of “video” instead of “CCTV”. In fact, any video recording device becomes part of a video surveillance system.

But what good is technology if there is no proactive role of the system in crime prevention or detection? Is the video system good only for documentation, investigation, and crime solution? What is the use of control room video monitoring without any operator actively monitoring? Is the control room like a recording studio only? Are the operators, supervisors, and managers of systems trained in other aspects of operation beyond technical operations that the vendor passed on to them?

To address this situation among others, SecurityMatters Magazine, as part of its objectives to propagate security education, conducts a series of lectures on video surveillance. Dubbed as “CCTV 202 Lecture Series,” the Video Surveillance courses are focused on video surveillance operations of corporate and private industries. The lecturers, who are experienced in corporate business establishments, impart real and pertinent lessons on video surveillance in designated contexts.

For this September’s Cebu Edition, SecurityMatters partners with the Cebu Chapter of the Accommodation Establishment Security and Safety Coordinating Council, Inc. (AESSCCI) in the conduct of two batches of the Video Surveillance Operators Course for those working in the CCTV rooms of hotels, resorts, retail centers (malls, shopping arcades), hospitals, and other accommodation facilities.

For the industrial sector, SecurityMatters partners with the Region 7 Chapter of the Philippine Society for Industrial Security (PSIS 7) in the conduct of two batches for those operators in power and manufacturing plants, warehouses and operation hubs, and similar infrastructures.

Jointly, AESSCCI Cebu Chapter and PSIS 7 host the Video Surveillance Management Course for all supervisors and managers who have CCTV and video surveillance under their job descriptions.

The CCTV Lecture Series will be held at the Sacred Heart Convention Center at Jakosalem Street, Cebu City, Philippines. Securiforce Security Service, Inc. recognizes the importance of the lecture series and supported all the batches in Cebu City.

For AESSCCI-sponsored Operators Courses:

September 16 for 1st Batch and September 17 for 2nd Batch.

For PSIS7-sponsored Operators Course:

September 19 for 1st Batch and September 20 for 2nd Batch.

September 18, Wednesday, is for the Management Course.

For more details about the Cebu Edition of the CCTV 202 Lecture Series, you may download the registration forms here: Video Surveillance Management Course Cebu 2013