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Security Guard Killed in Burgundy Tower Shootout

A security guard was killed and another one got injured in a shootout between two groups of security guards in Burgundy Tower in Makati City Thursday afternoon.

According to various reports, a sheriff arrived at the building to issue a temporary restraining order against the incumbent board of directors. The sheriff was said to be accompanied by guards from Sidekick Security Agency.

A shootout then ensued between guards from the Sidekick Security Agency and Swag Security Agency on the 18th floor.  Swag Security Agency is in charge of Burgundy Tower’s security.

It is yet to be determined who fired first and how the tension escalated.

Police immediately rushed into the building but were not immediately allowed to enter by security personnel.

The reported fatality was Jimmy Lagunsad of Sidekick Security Agency.

Police have taken into custody the guards from both agencies for questioning and have also taken over the security of the establishment.

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