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Privacy and Video Surveillance Courses

How much do you value your privacy?

A lot of talks and concerns came about when privacy issues in cyberspace were raised by the revelations of whistleblowers like Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden, and admission of some intelligence agencies on prying open private files. However, we don’t have to dwell in cyberspace only or go far to other countries to consider our own privacy issues as CCTV or video surveillance systems mushroom everywhere in the Philippines.

To our readers, how many cameras have recorded your movements since you left your home, office, or school? The numbers are actually not as significant as your privacy issues. Haven’t you noticed that surveillance cameras cover almost all public places but still we have lots of unsolved security cases in the streets? Well, that’s the realm of a voyeuristic government and police administration.

But what about in areas you think you have privacy?

As you step into a hotel, condo, or office, several cameras have seen your actions from the driveway until you get into your room or while you are dining. In most office buildings, cameras record all your activities from the moment you step into the perimeter sidewalks until you are inside your office. In some cases, cameras are placed inside areas where you thought you have privacy. Regardless, they are contracted workers from a security agency or your company’s own people, do you trust the CCTV operators handling the video recording?

Are you aware of the laws that prevent anyone from posting privately recorded video for public viewing? Currently, a number of proposed laws allow any police officer to view and possess your video recording. Despite the claims of many that CCTV cameras are security measures, cases against persons and properties still increase. We still have TV networks featuring video footages of crime incidents that most often show innocent persons.

The pending senate and house bills on the use of CCTV systems will have great financial and privacy impact on the way business establishments operate.

To the business owners, are you legally confident that your CCTV system and the people operating the systems can survive court appearances as “expert” witnesses? Can you assure the people who are in your premises that your CCTV system can protect them from crime or embarrassing public exposures in major networks, police visual aids, and YouTube? Was your CCTV system designed by an independent entity or by the vendor? Are you confident that your cameras were positioned with security in mind?

To answer these questions, SecurityMatters solicited the voluntary content contributions of Atty. Paulino Yusi and Mr. Alvin Matabang, Chapter Chair and Auditor, respectively, of ASIS International – Philippines. Atty. Yusi provided the legal foundation of video surveillance while Mr. Matabang shared  the operators’ standards and expectations. Ace And Associates, Inc. volunteered its services to integrate and update the contents for the Cebu Edition. Mr. Ace Esmeralda will handle the lectures as he shares his acquired knowledge in security design consulting with several hotels and facilities, and experience as the former Regional Security Director of Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts in Asia, Pacific, and Middle East.

For this September’s Lecture Series Cebu Edition, SecurityMatters partners with the Cebu Chapter of the Accommodation Establishment Security and Safety Coordinating Council, Inc. (AESSCCI) in the conduct of one batch of the Video Surveillance Operators Course. This batch is for those working in the CCTV systems of hotels, resorts, retail centers (malls, shopping arcades), hospitals, and other accommodation facilities. Mr. Nick Juezan, AESSCCI Chapter President, believes that the booming tourism industry in Region 7 will benefit from the short courses.

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For the industrial sector, Mr. Marlon Mesina, Chapter president of the Philippine Society for Industrial Security Region 7 (PSIS 7), confidently requested for two batches of the operators course in power and manufacturing plants, warehouses and operation hubs, and similar infrastructures.

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AESSCCI Cebu Chapter and PSIS 7 jointly host the Video Surveillance Management Course for all supervisors and managers who have CCTV and video surveillance under their job descriptions.

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The CCTV Lecture Series will be held at the Sacred Heart Convention Center at Jakosalem Street, Cebu City, Philippines from 17 to 20 September 2013 for all the four batches of managers, supervisors, and operators.

Securiforce Security Services, Inc., recognizing the importance of the lecture series, supported all the lecture series in Cebu City and the forthcoming ones in other key cities of the Philippines.SECURIFORCE WEB-05

Registration forms can be downloaded here.