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Survival Shotguns: Should You Add One to Your Arsenal?

You’re planning for a future that you hope never arrives. As a prepper, you know there are any number of ways things can go south, causing a disruption in society as we know it. Because you want to be ready for whatever may come, you’re carefully putting together the supplies you will need to survive.

The Conservative Tree House estimates that there are 3 million preppers in the U.S. While these preppers may disagree on how society will fall into chaos, they agree that it is likely to eventually happen. Most preppers know to gather basic necessities like food, water and medication. Many add “luxury” items such as wine and chocolate. The majority of preppers have at least considered whether a shotgun should be part of their doomsday preparations.

Pros of Adding a Shotgun

Prior to making a decision as to whether you want a weapon at the ready in the event of a societal melt-down, consider the reasons it might be wise.

  • Lessens the likelihood that anyone will try to steal your resources
  • Can protect your family
  • Gives your family protection in your absence
  • Can be used for hunting game

Cons of Having a Shotgun

  • Might be seen as an act of aggression by neighbors, people you may need to negotiate and cooperate with at some point
  • Can be the cause of injury to a family member
  • May put you on law enforcement’s radar
  • Every member of your family will need to be properly trained in order to safely handle the firearm

Guns & Ammo suggests a number of specific shotguns for preppers. In putting together their list, they looked for weapons that could meet more than one need. These two were at the top of their list:

  • Remington 870 Special Purpose Marine Magnum— a 12-gauge that can be used for protection and hunting with equal ease. It is anti-corrosive and rust-proof for extra wear.
  • MacMillan TAC 50— intended to help you set up a perimeter around your shelter. Lighter than most .50 caliber rifles, this gun is known for its accuracy.

According to WBEZ, an adequate prepper shotgun will cost between $400 – $1000. In addition, preppers should be prepared to pay for permits and lessons if they need them. Because many preppers practice their target skills at least once a week, the cost of ammunition should also be factored in.

Remember that virtually anything can be used as a weapon. Most preppers carefully consider how they’re going to utilize the items they have on hand in order to maintain order around their survival shelter. If you do decide that a shotgun should be part of your prepper arsenal, there are a number of things to keep in mind.

  • If you are protecting your family, you are likely to use the weapon in a confined space. Due to that fact, you don’t want to purchase a weapon that requires rounds that can penetrate doors and walls. It may a family member behind the wall that separates you.
  • You have to care for and supply the weapon. You’ll need to have an adequate supply of ammunition, cleaning supplies and even extra parts on hand, like an o-ring from Apple Rubber to keep the weapon in optimum operating condition.
  • You will still be held legally liable for anything that happens. Even if law enforcement is stretched thin, you will ultimately be responsible for anyone who is injured or killed by your weapon.

No one wants to have to use their doomsday supplies, but everyone wants to be ready. As you plan for the future it is important to consider how a survival shotgun fits into your plan.


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