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Safety Tips For ‘Undas’


Going to visit the cemetery or going out of town? Here are some tips to ensure a safe and incident-free All Saint’s Day.

Going to the Cemetery

  • Always bring an umbrella, drinking water, food, hand towels, and fans; and wear light clothes to prevent heat stroke.
  • If under medication, don’t forget to bring your medicines.
  • Don’t bring firearms, bladed weapons and tools, intoxicating liquor, gambling paraphernalia (playing cards, mahjong tiles, poker chips, etc.), and loud sound systems to cemeteries. This is to avoid the risk of conflict and violence.
  • Don’t bring firearms because it is an election offense. Remember that the election gun ban is still in effect until November 12, 2013.
  • Avoid bringing jewelry, gadgets, and too much cash as the risk of theft is high especially in crowded cemeteries.
  • Avoid bringing small children inside cemeteries, as they might get lost.
  • Avoid food being sold in cemeteries. The Department of Health warns that the risk of food poisoning and diarrhea is high in food sold in cemeteries.
  • Visit the cemetery early to avoid big crowds and inconvenience.
  • Park your car near a guard or police station to avoid carnapping and theft.
  • Memorize emergency contact numbers. If your phone is under prepaid plan, make sure it is loaded.

Secure Your Home

  • Secure your home from burglars. Double check all locks, doors and windows. Ask your neighbors to keep watch of your house.
  • Unplug all appliances and turn off gas valves and stoves before leaving your house to be safe from fire.
  • Don’t leave pets at home without providing them food and water. Ask your neighbors to look after them once in a while.

When Traveling

  • Before setting off, check the weather forecasts and prepare accordingly.
  • When bringing your car, check the brakes, battery, gas, oil, lights and other essentials to be safe from accidents and to avoid inconvenience along the road. Remember B.L.O.W.B.A.G.
  • When going out of town by bus or any other mode of transport, always secure your valuables. Keep your money separated in multiple wallets.
  • Be vigilant when traveling to avoid being a victim of crime and other problems. Always be mindful of your belongings.