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More Police Deployed to Stop Looting in Visayas


More policemen will be deployed to typhoon-hit areas to aid reports of widespread looting of establishments by victims looking for food and water.
Philippine National Police chief General Alan Purisima said at a briefing on Nov. 11 that 883 personnel had been deployed to Visayas to restore law and order in areas where looters were reported.
Of these, 639 were deployed to Tacloban City, one of the areas hardest hit by Yolanda.
The typhoon is regarded as one of the strongest in world history.
“We will flood Tacloban with policemen to restore law and order,” Purisima said.
The top police chief, however, said that he did not see the need for the President to place Tacloban under martial law as suggested by local officials.
“In my opinion, there’s no need to declare martial law. What our fellowmen need in Tacloban City is food. We should provide all the things that they need, and the government can provide that.” he said.
More troops will be sent to Tacloban City if the situation warrants.
Widespread looting of food and water is reported at commercial establishments. TV reports showed that the looters also ransack jewelry stores and appliance centers.
Purisima admitted that because of the situation in Tacloban City, they have become “lenient” in arresting looters.
“Actually we have become lenient on arresting them because, where do we detain them?” he said.