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4 Good Alternatives to Using Fireworks

A tarp showing a firecracker injury is posted at the gate of a house in Quezon City to warn against the use of fireworks. "It's already the day before new year and I have not heard a firecracker explosion yet", said Alex Tamayo, the house owner. (Photo by Alex Tamayo)
A tarp showing a firecracker injury is posted at the gate of a church in Quezon City to warn the neighborhood against the use of fireworks. “It’s already the day before New Year and I have not heard a firecracker explosion yet,” said Alex Tamayo, the one who posted the tarp. (Photo by Alex Tamayo)

The government has continually reminded Filipinos of the hazards of using fireworks in celebrating the New Year. Still, fireworks-related injuries number in the hundreds throughout the country.

Fireworks can cause fire incidents that cost lives and millions worth of property. Here are some good alternatives to spending your money on fireworks.

More Food: Why not buy more food instead of buying fireworks? Php500 can already provide one or two additional dishes for the family’s media noche meal while a fireworks display is worth at least  Php3000 — an amount big enough to cover a whole media noche feast. Spend the money for food that your family can enjoy and even share with neighbors and relatives. Food can last for days,  fireworks only last seconds.

Lucky Charms: Superstitious? Why not buy lucky charms instead of firecrackers? Lucky charms, even if they don’t work, can still be good decorations or trinkets. Filipinos believe that using fireworks scare away bad luck during the New Year. But using firecrackers is virtually testing your luck and luck may not be in your side every time you test yours. Using fireworks is a high-risk activity. It can cost you your limb, your life, others’ safety and more. There is no harm in trying lucky charms because you don’t have to risk your life in putting them on. You risk your life every time you try to light a firework. Besides,  if you get injured using fireworks, you’ll spend money for hospital bills and your capability to work and earn money can be affected. Where’s the good luck in that?

Save the Money: May it be for a new gadget, vacation, or just in case of emergency, save the money intended for firecrackers for something better. Fireworks, once lighted only last from a blink of an eye to seconds. Lighting up fireworks is virtually burning money, which you can spend on things you want or might need.

Donate to Disaster Relief: Indeed, 2013 has been a very challenging year for Filipinos. Disasters such as the Bohol earthquake, Zamboanga City siege,  monsoon rains, and typhoons Yolanda and Santi among others have left many Filipinos without homes and livelihood. Why not donate the money intended for firecrackers to disaster survivors? Your help is greatly needed. And also, good karma can bring good luck.

SecurityMatters wishes everyone a safe, secure, and prosperous New Year.