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Hackers Target Winter Olympics Visitors in Russia

photoIf you are in Russia for the Sochi Winter Olympics, then probably, your devices have already been hacked.

NBC reporter Richard Engel on the Tuesday evening news reported that visitors of the Sochi Winter Olympics are very likely to get their computers and mobile devices hacked. Engel, with a network security expert, performed an experiment by connecting to various Wi-Fi hotspots around Moscow, the capital of Russia. And almost immediately, the rigged-up laptop and a mobile phone were hacked and Engel’s made-up private data was compromised or downloaded by hackers.

NBC reported that the US State Department warned that “traveler should have no expectation of privacy” particularly in network or online communications.

The thousands of tourists and athletes attending the Winter Olympics in Sochi are potential targets for cybercriminals. Hackers are likely to steal personal private data of the visitors like contacts, pictures, personal and banking information which they can use in cybercrime activities.

Tips for Sochi Winter Olympics visitors:

  • Avoid connecting to public Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • Disable automatic updates of mobile apps.
  • Avoid downloading apps while visiting the country.
  • Remove unnecessary apps from your devices.
  • Make use of trusted commercial network security apps and programs.
  • Strengthen passwords.
  • Shut down your primary devices and use secondary or temporary devices which have no vital personal information. Remember to remove the battery of your primary devices.