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Wind to Watches: 4 Ways to Protect Your Smartphone Battery

The more function you pack into your phone, the more likely it is to run out of battery power at an inconvenient time. A dead phone can be challenging and annoying, and it some cases, it can be unsafe or professionally disastrous. With a bit of battery protection, you can make sure that you are always charged.

Shut It Down

If you’ve forgotten the charger and you don’t want your phone to die in the middle of nowhere, shut it down. If it’s not possible to shut it off completely, turn off active apps and battery-draining functions like Wi-Fi hotspots, Bluetooth and GPS. Even volume, vibrations and screen brightness can drain a battery so turn those features off as well. Most importantly, resist the urge to use your phone.

Disable the push notifications from your app. Every time you get a notification from Facebook your battery takes a hit, and you don’t need the damage. Apps like Twitter stay on even after you return to the home screen. This feature helps your Twitter feed to load faster when you open the app, but it drains your battery in the meantime. Make sure that you deliberately close apps like Twitter, Skype and Pandora so they don’t run in the background.


It’s hard to avoid using your smartphone, but when you download an app like JuiceDefender it will protect and optimize your battery whenever you succumb to the temptation. The app adds hours to your battery life by managing the features that drain the battery.

When you download JuiceDefender, you don’t have to worry about manually turning down your screen’s brightness or shutting off the GPS. Instead, JuiceDefender tackles those tasks for you. The app is available for Android devices for free. If you have an iPhone, try Battery Doctor. Apps like Battery Lover and Battery work for Blackberry and Windows phones respectively. In addition to giving you extra time with your battery, the apps also can help you to determine how much life you have left on your battery.

Galaxy Gear

The new gear from Samsung also can help to protect your battery. Available at T-Mobile for $299, the Samsung Galaxy Gear is an elegant watch that communicates with your Samsung smartphone. Instead of grabbing your phone out of your pocket every time you receive a message or an alert, you can read the messages as they scroll across your phone.

Discrete and convenient, this method also protects your battery. Rather than forcing your phone’s screen to flash on and off each time someone is trying to reach you, Galaxy Gear lets your phone relax quietly in your pocket, protecting the battery.

Wind Power

If you are stranded without an outlet in site, HYmini can get your phone running again. This rechargeable device collects and stores solar energy, and also can be recharged on an outlet. To charge your phone or other mobile device, simply plug it in and collect the power. If HYmini is dead while you are out, no worries—just stand in the wind. Gusts of at least nine miles an hour and up to 60 miles an hour are all you need to charge HYmini.