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PH Urges UN Security Council to Address New Trends in Peacekeeping

The Philippines urged the United Nations Security Council to address emerging trends and issues in United Nations (UN) peacekeeping operations, including pandemics and diseases, environmental impact and resource support issues, arguing strongly that the international community must be forward-looking and strategic in its approach.

At the open debate on new trends in UN peacekeeping under the Presidency of the Russian Federation held on June 13, Permanent Representative of the Philippines to the United Nations Ambassador Libran N. Cabactulan highlighted the three issues as among the developments in peacekeeping operations that needed to be addressed.

“There are issues confronting us presently that must be addressed and given durable and timely solutions. For otherwise, these new ideas may all come to naught,” said Ambassador Cabactulan, adding that as a Troop and Police Contributing Country (TCC/PCC), the Philippines has a valuable stake in ensuring that peacekeeping operations – primarily seen in ensuring the safety, security and health of peacekeepers – are able to implement their mandates successfully.

He described pandemics and diseases as constituting “emerging threats” and called on additional studies to enhance the ability of peacekeeping missions to address pandemics and diseases.

Ambassador Cabactulan also stressed that care must be taken to ensure that peacekeeping missions – through effective standard operating procedures – do not leave behind footprints that negatively affect the environment and the local population.

Underscoring the need for ample and adequate resource support for peacekeeping missions, the Ambassador said that “Commitments and deals must proceed toward concrete fruition. We now have the results of the survey conducted pursuant to GA resolution 67/26 on the deficit between the current UN reimbursement rate to TCC/PCCs and the high financial costs incurred by them. A decision increasing the standard rate of reimbursement to TCC/PCCs must be adopted soon to ensure the success of peacekeeping missions.”

Speaking after the debate, Ambassador Cabactulan said the three issues on peacekeeping formed part of a nexus of concerns that were based on the need to ensure that the safety, security and health of peacekeepers were promoted and protected on the ground.

“The safety, security and health of our peacekeepers are vital to ensure that peacekeeping operations succeed,” said Ambassador Cabactulan. “As a troop and police contributing country, it is our duty to make sure that all peacekeeping concerns are brought to the attention of all the stakeholders within the UN community so that these are acted on,” he added.

“The Philippines is steadfast in its commitment to contribute to the strengthening of UN peacekeeping operations and will do its part to engage all stakeholders, including the Security Council, to further strengthen and ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of UN peacekeeping operations,” explained Ambassador Cabactulan.