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Be Wary of Cheap Mobile Device Chargers

Everyone should be wary of purchasing and using cheap or unbranded chargers for mobile devices.

Sheryl Aldeguer, a 28-year-old Filipina nurse and a mother of two was found dead in her room in Sydney, Australia last April 23 with burns on her ears and chest, Australian authorities said. It was found that she was killed after the charger failed and sent a high-voltage pulse of electricity through her body.

The unbranded charger used by Aldeguer was bought for a cheap price in a stall in Campsie, Sydney. The trader running the stall is facing fines amounting to $87,500 and up to two years imprisonment.


Here are some tips before buying and using chargers:

  1. Buy only chargers from trusted brands and with distributor warranties. Be wary of purchasing unbranded chargers especially on sidewalk stalls.
  2. Check the charger and its wires before usage. Inspect if there are damages, peeled wires, and blackened or burnt parts.
  3. Avoid using damaged or faulty chargers, USB cables, and other electrical wires.
  4. Avoid plugging chargers or using plugged devices with wet hands.
  5. Unplug mobile chargers before going to sleep and before leaving the house. Chargers and accompanying devices might fail and cause fire.
  6. Never sleep with your mobile device near you especially in your bed or under your pillow. Aside from the risk of damaging your mobile device, there is the danger of the mobile device failing and causing electrical shock and fire.
  7. Avoid entangling your body or any part of your body in any electrical wire like plugged-in phone and laptop chargers. There is the danger of electrocution especially if the rubber insulator or coating of the wires is damaged or entangled.