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Job Openings

This CAREERS Page is for Job Seekers, Curious Ones, Greener Pasture Cows, and Executive Search Companies (Head Hunters) or event Talent Scouts!

We do not endorse the parties that need talented and skilled beings nor we endorse those applying for the job. It’s up to the applicant and for the HR to find the right person for the right job.

1. Code SMM110801E – Regional Security Director  – Asia Pacific. Technology Company. Philippine-based post

2. Code SMM110802E – Regional Security Director – Japan China Philippines. Technology Consumer goods Company.  Philippine-based post
3. Code SMM110803E – Mine Site Security Manager. Philippines.
4. Code SMM110804E – Hotel Security Manager. 5-star. Metro Manila, Philippines
5. Code SMM110805E – Hotel Security Manager. Business Hotel. Metro Manila, Philippines
6. Code SMM110806A – Security Manager, Pharmaceutical. North Metro Manila Office, Philippines
7. Code SMM110806A – Security Supervisor, BPO, Makati Office, Philippines
8. Code SMM110807E – Security Manager, Geographic Region Division, Telecommunication, Philippines
Send resume to with Subject Line “Application” + Code. Example: Application SMM110801E
Resume should be in .pdf format, A4, font 11, with photo, and file name “Resume” + Your FN and LN.  Example: Resume Juan dela Cruz
Your emails will be forwarded to the concerned parties who will reply to you directly.
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