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Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) Course 2014 in Manila

The Philippines is the only country in the world where each building on average has at least three security guards, while each convenience store, fast food outlet, and almost all business facilities have one security guard on duty. This is the keen observation of Mr. Ace Esmeralda, a certified protection professional and international crime prevention specialist. Esmeralda is the managing director of Ace And Associates Risk Management, Inc., a consultancy firm specializing in asset protection, risk management, and business resiliency.

Esmeralda said that this situation is due to the simplistic mindset that security is all about armed security guards and the increasing crime incidents in urban areas in the country.

Most malls, buildings, hotels, and other real estate projects have not incorporated design as a crime prevention measure aside from the usual gates, doors, and windows. Landscaping architects and real estate proponents are still learning about Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED). This is evident among the first-time clients of AAA in technical security design consultancy. Esmeralda claims that most building construction proponents are usually fixated on the number of CCTV cameras and guards per shift instead of the holistic view of physical design and security.

Esmeralda has been studying the principles of CPTED for several years. He learned the value of the concept when he was still with the real estate industry holding facilities, property, and estate management roles.

Now, to bring international credentials and share the CPTED concept to people involved in the design and management of facilities, Esmeralda’s firm, Ace And Associates, Inc., partnered with 3C Consulting, International Society of Crime Prevention Practitioners (ISCPP) USA, and Global E2C Pte Ltd Singapore to conduct CPTED Practitioner Level training here in Manila on Nov. 27-28.

At the end of the two-day theory and practical training, the participants will take the CPTED Practitioner test. Participants who will successfully pass the CPTED Practitioner Test will receive the designation “CP” which stands for Crime Prevention Through Environment Design Practitioner. The participants can use the initials after their names (for example Mr. Ace Esmeralda, CP).

Well-planned crime prevention strategies not only prevent crime but also promote community safety and contribute to sustainable development of countries. Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design principles have proven to be proactive in enhancing the overall quality of life. With especially trained CPTED practitioners in the fields of law enforcement, security directors, security managers, city planners, architects, private business, various levels of government and local communities; the fear of crime has been greatly reduced in CPTED communities.

Who may attend this CPTED Practitioner course?

  • Architects
  • Building Security Managers
  • Bank Physical Security Managers
  • Educational Institutions Security Managers
  • Estate Management Officers
  • Facilities Managers
  • Healthcare Institute Security Managers
  • Hotel Security Managers
  • Insurance Assessors
  • Landscape Professionals
  • Law Enforcement Officers
  • Loss Prevention Managers
  • Neighborhood Watch Groups
  • Properties Managers
  • Property Development Project Managers
  • Risk Management Personnel
  • Security Consultants
  • Security Managers
  • Shopping Malls Security Managers
  • Warehouse Security Managers

Download the CPTED brochure by clicking the link below.