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Anonymous Philippines Defaces Gov’t Websites Anew

Hacktivist group Anonymous Philippines defaced multiple government websites on Monday, expressing dissatisfaction with the world’s governments and calling for a mask protest.

“Your governments have failed you; they sit atop their thrones and abuse their power. They are deaf to the will of the people. The system is broken. If this moment passes idly by without a whimper than together we will all be at fault for securing that future generations will never have a voice,” read the message.

At least 10 government websites were hacked, including.

Some of the websites were able to go back online later in the day.

The hackers also called on Filipinos to wear masks and join the Nov. 5 protest. “Throw your political ideologies to the side on November 5th and stand tall with a fellow human against worldwide government corruption and tyranny.”

Anonymous Philippines also hacked several government websites in protest of the Anti-cybercrime Law in 2012 and just last year, the group also called on the public to support a protest at Batasang Pambansa.