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Certificate in Supply Chain Security Audit and Assessment in Manila

Ace And Associates, Inc., in partnership with GlobalE2C, brings to Manila the Certificate in Supply Chain Security Audit and Assessment, a comprehensive two-day program that covers the essentials of Security Policies & Procedural Compliance, which are the fundamental principles governing audits and assessments of facilities.

It will be held on 26–27 March 2015 at Midas Hotel and Casino in Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City.

Accredited by the Chartered International Institute of Security and Crisis Management (CIISCM), the training program adheres to Best Known Methods (BKM) and Best Known Practices (BKP) in supply chain security established by global security certifications, audits, and assessments.

The program encompasses efforts and initiatives to strengthen and enhance the security of end-to-end supply chain nodes and modes, particularly covering warehousing, transport, and logistics systems where the cargo moves as driven by the organization’s manpower.

The training program also focuses on a combination of supply chain security management guidelines and threat-driven mitigating security assessments.

It features nine learning modules such as Global Supply Chain Security Practices, Components of Security Audit and Assessment, Supply Chain Security Goals and Measures, Supply Chain Security Audit: Supply Chain and Freight, Supply Chain Security Audit: Truck and Trucking, International Standards Toward Robust Supply Chain Security, Supply Chain Security Audit: Practical Exercise, and Risk-based Security Assessment.

Program participants will benefit from the training by acquiring a thorough understanding of robust security features complementing supply chain veracity and governance, which they can apply to their respective organizations.

Participants will earn the status of Certified Supply Chain Security Expert (CSCSE) upon successful completion of all three (3) certificates under the category of Supply Chain & Transportation Security Management program while those who successfully complete one (1) certificate in each category program will earn the status of Certified Corporate Security Management Professional (CCSMP).

Participants can either be a specialist in a particular sector or a wide-spectrum corporate security professional.

For complete program details, download the brochure here.