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Cyber Intelligence Asia 2015 in Manila

SMM Cyber Intel Poster 2015-03

In the Asia-Pacific region, cyber criminals discover more vulnerabilities and avenues to breach through the security firewalls of government computer networks as computer network infrastructures become more sophisticated.

To address this, Cyber Intelligence Asia goes to the Philippine capital, Manila, where the government has been working efficiently to create a strong and secure computer network system to combat cyber attacks.

Cyber Intelligence Asia 2015 will be held on April 21 – 24, 2015 at the Heritage Hotel, Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

Now on its third year, the event will provide cyber strategists unrivaled opportunities to meet with the region’s senior government officials who deal with cyber security.

The event will focus on the following topics:

  • Combating cybercrimes against government computer networks
  • Regional cooperation on cyber security
  • Open source security
  • Threat intelligence and identifying vulnerabilities
  • Protecting government infrastructures and Internet security

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