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Certificate in Business Security Management in Manila

Global E2C in partnership with Ace And Associates, Inc. brings to Manila “Certificate in Business Security Management,” a two-day program that dwells into the realms of Security evolving itself as a Business Enhancer today. The training will probe into the how, where and what is the status of Security in the C-Suite.

AAA E2C Business Security Management 2015_Poster

The Certificate in Business Security Management program will be held on April 27-28, 2015 at the Midas Hotel & Casino, Pasay City, Manila, Philippines. The course is Accredited by Chartered International Institute of Security and Crisis Management.

Learning Objectives

  • Expand your understanding of the business environment and the intricacies of managing security in an ever-changing global environment.
  • Gain insights on how to establish an organization’s overall goals and objectives, including activities needed to achieve them.
  • Understand the position of the security entity and the senior management as it is today and as it should or can become in the future – the C-Suite receptiveness.
  • Assimilate the intangible and fluidity of Security Budgeting and complexities in ascertaining ROI in security in relation to the business.
  • Understand and strategize how Security fits into the Business Plan of the organization and how it becomes an essential component in Business Development of the organization.
  • Gain insight into the key security management principles and their interrelated applications and functions within a corporate culture.

Learning Outcome

  • Participants will be able to better design, draft and present an efficient and effective budget proposal to management.
  • Participants will know how to make connections between business operations and their inter-relationships in their work environment be it local, national and/or in a global setting.
  • Participants will be better able to set security direction for their organization or department and be prepared to articulate their discussions at senior management level.
  • Participants will be able to accentuate and draw attention to security as an integral part of the business and exhibit themselves as a vital component among and with the business – operational entities in the organization.
  • Participants will acquire the key security management principles and their interrelated applications and functions within a corporate culture and engineer towards evolving the security entity as an asset rather than as expenditure in the organization.

For details and registration, please contact Ms Czerenah Yuse, Telephone.: +63 2 830 8699 and Email: Or, visit for the downloading of brochures.