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NBI Arrests Two Suspects in “Rape Drug” Raid

National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) anti-narcotics agents arrested two suspected suppliers of “rape drug” gamma-hydroxybutyric acid (GHB) during a raid on two condominium units in Mandaluyong City before dawn on Tuesday.

Members of the NBI – Reaction Arrest and Interdiction Division (RAID) apprehended Nigerian national Ashimiyu Balugun and Filipina model Mika Atanacio in the kitchen-type drug laboratory at around 2 a.m. at Tivoli Condominium.

Besides GHB, also seized during the raid were various drug paraphernalia, cocaine, marijuana, and ecstasy.

Meanwhile, Aaron Limon and Dennis Thicke, Jr., the owners of the two condominium units, evaded arrest. Thicke’s wife, however, admitted that they used to take illegal drugs and disclosed that her husband belongs to a family of drug peddlers, the NBI said.

In an interview, NBI-RAID chief Atty. Joel Tovera told reporters that it is the first time his team encountered GHB, a depressant used as intoxicant, called “G,” “Liquid X,” “Liquid E,” “Georgia Home Boy,” “Juice,” “Mils,” “Liquid G,” and “Fantasy” in most bars and clubs.

“Madalas ginagamit ito ng mga kabataan sa bars and clubs kasi kahit konting dose lang daw ng droga ay nagpoproduce ng kasiyahan,” Tovera said.

GHB is known as a “date rape drug” as it can be slipped into a victim’s drink, causing dizziness, confusion, drowsiness, and sometimes loss of consciousness.

The drug is being sold at P10,000 per 100mL. Although there is no known record of the drug yet in the country, it is listed as a prohibited drug under Republic Act 9165.

It is used as a general anesthetic in Europe and is FDA-approved with severe restrictions for use in the treatment of narcolepsy (a sleep disorder) in the United States.