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21 Cops Fired, 11 Suspended Over Maguindanao Massacre

The National Police Commission (Napolcom) has dismissed 21 policemen and suspended 11 others for their involvement in the 2009 Maguindanao massacre.

In a 23-page decision released Nov. 24, Napolcom said the officers “chose to become silent spectators to a crime unfolding before their eyes. “

“Their inaction manifests complicity and unity of action to those who committed the abduction, and later, the murders,” Napolcom added.

The gruesome killings took place in the morning of Nov. 23, 2009.

The family and supporters of then Vice Mayor Esmael Mangudadatu were on their way to the provincial capitol in Shariff Aguak to file his certificate of candidacy when they were ambushed in Sitio Masalay, Barangay Salman, Ampatuan, Maguindanao by armed men allegedly led by Andal Ampatuan Jr.

The massacre left 58 civilians, including 32 members of the media, dead.

Dismissed after they were found guilty of Grave Misconduct were: P/Supt. Abusama Mundas Maguid, P/CInsp. Zukarno Adil Dicay, P/Insp. Rex Ariel Tabao Diongon, P/Insp. Michael Joy Ines Macaraeg, SPO2 Badawi Piang Bakal, SPO1 Eduardo Hermo Ong, PO3 Rasid Tolentino Anton, PO3 Felix Escala Enate Jr., PO3 Abibudin Sambuay Abdulgani, PO3 Hamad Michael Nana, PO2 Saudiar Ubo Ulah, PO2 Saudi Pompong Pasutan, PO1 Herich Manisi Amaba, PO1 Michael Juanitas Madsig, PO1 Abdullah Samma Baguadatu, PO1 Pia Sulay Kamidon, PO1 Esprilieto Giano Lejarso, PO1 Esmael Manuel Guialal, PO1 Narkou Duloan Mascud, and PO1 Rainer Tan Ebus.

Saudi Matabalao Mokamad , the 1508th Provincial Mobile Group’s top official was also dismissed from service for Serious Neglect of Duty and Less Grave Neglect of Duty.

The eleven cops suspended for 59 days were guilty of Less Grave Neglect of Duty. They were: SPO1 Ali Mluk Solano, PO2 Kendatu Salem Rakim, PO1 Benedick Tentiao Alfonso, PO1 Abdurahman Said Batarasa, PO1 Marjul Tarulan Julkadi, PO1 Datu Jerry Mluk Utto, PO1 Mohamad Karim Balading, PO1 Marsman Eging Nilong, PO1 Abdulmanan Lumbabao Saavedra, PO3 Felix Abado Daquilos, and PO1 Jimmy Mlah Kadtong.

Meanwhile, 30 other policemen were absolved from charges, including nine whose cases against them were dismissed for lack of jurisdiction.

They were: Supt. Bahnarin Unas Kamaong, Supt. Abdulwahid Unas Pedtucasan, Senior Insp. Abdulgapor Benasing Abad, SP02 George Sermonia Labayan, SP02 Samad Usman Maguindra, SPO1 Oscar Dariua Donato, SPO1 Elizer Sarad Rendaje, SPO1 Alimola Guinaton Langalen, PO3 Gibrael Rojas Alano, PO3 Ricky Duya Balanueco, PO2 Rexson Diocolano Guiama, PO1 Amir Maliwanang Solaiman, PO1 Badjun Ibad Panegas, PO2 Sandy Diloyodin Sabang, PO1 Johann Mansal Draper, PO1 Tamano Sahibal Hadi , PO1 Ebara Guiamalon Bebot, PO1 Pendatun Ambang Dima, PO1 Michael Macapeges Macarongon, and PO1 Abdulbayan Usman Mundas.

Records showed that seventeen of the total accused police officers were allowed to post their bails last year.

However, none of them were able to meet the Php.11.6 million bail bond for the 58 counts of murder.