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Checklist for going to the cemetery for Undas


October 29 to November 1 will be a four-day long weekend.

If you are leaving for the cemetery for Undas, run through this checklist of things to do and things to bring (and not bring) to make sure your trip will be safe and comfortable.

Before you leave, make sure you

  1. Double check your locks.
    Doors and windows.
  1. Ask your neighbors to keep watch of your house.
    But only neighbors you know and trust.
  1. Switch off gas valves and stoves. Include also your water lines.
    To avoid fires and waste of water.
  1. Unplug all appliances.
    Not only to avoid electrical fires, but to save on electricity cost
  1. Secure the safety and comfort of your pets.
    What will they eat? Where will they relieve themselves? Maybe ask someone to come in and check on them.
  1. Check the weather forecasts
    If a typhoon or severe weather is on its way, maybe cancel the trip and prepare accordingly.
  1. Wear comfortable, light-colored clothes
    Light-colored clothes are cooler and makes you easy to be located by companion.
  1. If you’re traveling by car, give it a checkup.
    Check the SecurityMatter’s tips on car travel safety tips.
  1. Keep your money and valuables in multiple compartments.
    If you lose your wallet, at least you won’t be completely strapped for cash.


Don’t forget to bring

  1. Umbrellas
    Unlike raincoats, umbrellas can protect you from both the sun and heavy rains.
  1. Drinking water
    You shouldn’t rely on the availability of bottled water for purchase, especially from street hawkers. Bring drinking water in durable, non-disposable containers, such as tumblers and water jugs.
  1. Food in airtight containers
    It is still best to bring snacks or even provisions for meals in order to avoid food poisoning, especially if you are destined for cemeteries in remote areas.
  1.  Towels and wipes
    Towels have a multitude of uses; they can dry your skin of sweat, and can even offer some protection from the elements. Wet wipes are something you’ll be thankful for multiple uses.
  1. Medication
    Don’t forget to bring your prescription or maintenance medicines, as well as painkillers, such as aspirin, for emergencies.
  1. Battery-powered lamps
    Do not rely on candles for light. They would be of little use during rains and emergencies.
  1. Biodegradable Garbage bags
    Be a decent human being and clean as you go.


Do not bring

  1. Firearms and weapons unless you are authorized to do so.
    Permit to carry outside residences excludes the carrying of firearms in crowded areas.
  1. Alcoholic beverages and gambling paraphernalia
    These are usually banned from cemeteries.
  1. Large sound systems
    Remember, it’s supposed to be a solemn holiday.

Have a safe trip and solemn visit to your departed loved ones

Printable version may be downloaded here: UNDAS Checklist