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CCTVs Should Have a Proactive Role in Crime Prevention

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The closed-circuit television (CCTV) system is a simple but powerful tool to safeguard your home or place of business. With the widespread use of CCTV almost all private and public places, the essence of proactive surveillance is lost.  The proliferation of other video surveillance systems has outpaced the availability of trained operators. In the SecurityMatters Video Surveillance Course, which will be held in Hotel Jen, Pasay, on 6-7 March 2017, learn how to give video surveillance a proactive role in crime prevention and detection, and to maximize its use from internationally certified lecturers.

Today’s security landscape has become so heavily reliant on the benefits of video surveillance that law enforcement agencies encourage the installation and use of closed-circuit television systems (CCTVs) in private business areas.

Some key cities and municipalities have enacted local ordinances requiring business establishments to install CCTVs in their properties, making these systems a requirement for business permit applications. This resulted in widespread installation of cameras in both public and private areas.

It is not a requirement, however, that business owners or their personnel know how to use them.

Vibrant economic development these past years has manifested into the fast growth of the real estate and industrial sectors, which use thousands of CCTV surveillance systems; but the installation of these systems has outpaced the availability of formally and competently educated and trained operators.

Without the necessary training, these systems will remain underutilized, which is a shame.

What good is the technology if it has no proactive role in crime prevention and/or detection? Is the CCTV system good only for documentation? What is the use of a CCTV control room without an operator actively monitoring?

To answer these questions and address the situation, SecurityMatters Magazine, in partnership with Ace And Associates Risk Management, Inc., will be conducting a series of lectures on CCTV and Electronic Security Systems in January 2017.

Who Should Attend?

  1. Those with prior experience as CCTV operators and want to keep themselves updated.
  2. Those who plan to pursue a career in CCTV operations.
  3. Those who are currently employed as CCTV operators of power and manufacturing plants, factories, warehouses and depots, industrial estates, and similar companies. Note: There will be a separate training program for those in malls, hospitals, hotels, resorts, and condominiums.

Benefits of attending:

  1. Acquire formal education and accreditation under an ASIS International Chapter.
  2. Learn about technical aspects of CCTV and control room operations.
  3. Learn the synergy of technical and legal aspects with realistic concepts and experiences.
  4. Learn new lessons from case studies of lecturers and inputs of fellow participants.
  5. Learn from lecturers who understand private corporations and the industrial sector.

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