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Save the date for the “Asset Protection Courses and Symposia by SecurityMatters Magazine”

On  6-10 March 2017, SecurityMatters Magazine will be holding its first round of courses and talks for the 1st Quarter.

Don’t miss out on the “Asset Protection Courses and Symposia by SecurityMatters Magazine,” which will be held at Hotel Jen along Roxas Boulevard in Pasay City from the 6th to the 10th of March. The events will not overlap, so interested participants can catch all of them if they wish. They will cover four major topics and industries, as listed below.

As the only publication that caters to the Philippine security industry and the general public, SecurityMatters is in the best position to gather the brightest minds and most seasoned experts in the region to talk about the most pressing matters that affects, on a daily basis, our businesses, our work, and our lives and the lives of our loved ones.

6-7 March 2017 – Video Surveillance Course

The closed-circuit television (CCTV) system is a simple but powerful tool to safeguard your home or place of business. With the widespread use of CCTV almost all private and public places, the essence of proactive surveillance is lost.  The proliferation of other video surveillance systems has outpaced the availability of trained operators. In this two-day course, learn how to give video surveillance a proactive role in crime prevention and detection, and to maximize its use from internationally certified lecturers.

8 March 2017 – Extractive Industries Security Symposium

Coal, oil, and ore are the lifeblood of all other industries. Safety and security concerns are multifaceted and the responsibilities of miners are owed to many: stakeholders, employees, the communities surrounding their sites, and the natural resources that flourish around them. In the context of the challenges posed by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, participants will surely share notes and best practices with resource persons.

9 March 2017 – Antiterrorism Symposium

With the global rise of terror incidents and widespread presence of IS veteran fighters and so-called lone wolves, the ability to anticipate, plan ahead, and protect yourself and your industry proactively is major key asset protection measure. This symposium is primarily designed for the asset protection officers of private corporation and industrial sector who may have to see terrorism from a different perspective.

10 March 2017 – Energy Industry Security and Safety Symposium

The energy industry is one of the most targeted sectors in the developing world, by both physical and cyber security threats. New challenges, such as the manifestation of long-term effects of fossil fuelled power plants, are getting the attention of environmentalists, while community support shifts to renewable energy facilities. To criminals, especially extortionists, all facilities, ranging from power plants, grid lines, cables, and electric cooperatives are all lucrative targets. This is the perfect time to get organized and share best fit practices among all security and safety officers in the energy industry.