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Asset Protection and Risk Management through Video Surveillance

Security surveillance has come a long way; closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras are now the eyes that guard business and high-risk establishments. Cameras don’t get weary or fall asleep, nor are they easily deceived. Along the rise of demand in CCTV cameras among establishment managers and guests or clients, CCTV use has already bled over to home-security measures.


But there’s more to CCTV and video surveillance than scattering cameras on wall corners. Placement, effectivity, and legal implications of captured images must be considered. Even in monitoring, it isn’t just keeping one’s eyes glued to a screen: Educated monitoring makes for efficient identification and situational analysis. It all spells the difference between spotting a threat or making a wrong call.


Top security practitioner Mr. Ace Esmeralda, Managing Director and President of Ace And Associates, Inc., led a Video Surveillance Course from 06 to 07 March 2017 at Hotel Jen in Pasay, City. His comprehensive lecture tackled video surveillance technology and its efficient use. He gave an overview of the legal and regulatory frameworks covering CCTV operations in the Philippines, providing anecdotal examples, and with a focus on implications on people’s privacy and recordings’ admissibility in court. Mr. Esmeralda also shared best practices regarding CCTV operations, that attendees can better maximize video surveillance technology for asset protection and risk management. He also gave recommendations for upgrades to the surveillance methods prevalent in the country’s security industry.


Representatives from protection agencies and from security divisions of several corporate giants attended the two-day course, among them: Aboitiz Equity Ventures; Alsons Security Company, Inc.; Apex Mining, Inc.;  Ayala Corporation; Ayala Land, Inc.; Ayala Property Management Corp.; Clark International Airport Corp.; APL Corporate Security Corporation; D&L Industries; Excite Inc.; De La Salle Lipa; GNPower Kauswagan Ltd., Co.; Mongoose Security Agency; Palm Concepcion Power Corporation; Peakpower Energy, Inc.; Philgold Processing and Refining Corporation; Philippine Navy; Presidential Security Group; Raffles and Fairmont Makati; Rising Sun Security and Investigation Agency, Inc.; Robinsons Bank Corporation; Sagittarius Mines Incorporated; Valdez Security and Investigation Agency, Inc.; and World Security Dubai.


The Video Surveillance Course is part of the Asset Protection Courses and Symposia, held by SecurityMatters Magazine and AAA—a week-long course that tackles different areas of asset protection, security, and surveillance in a wide range of industries.


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Check in again for more in-depth articles on the discussions during the Video Surveillance Course and the other lectures upon the conclusion of this week’s Asset Protection Courses and Symposia.