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Here’s how to combat terrorism in the workplace

Is the corporate realm the next target for terror elements?

With the rise of terror incidents around the globe and the widespread presence of Islamic State veteran fighters and so-called lone wolves, it has become more and more imperative that anti-terrorism measures be adapted into what may well be the next frontier of terror elements: The corporate world.

The ability to anticipate, plan ahead, and safeguard yourself and your industry proactively has become a major asset-protection measure. Through the Anti-Terrorism Symposium – Corporate Edition, SecurityMatters Magazine and Ace And Associates, Inc. (AAA) will equip you with the necessary skills to keep up with the changing security landscape. All asset-protection officers of private corporations and those within the industrial sector are encouraged to attend the symposium on 09 March 2017 at Hotel Jen in Pasay City, to better see terrorism from a different perspective and employ anti-terrorism tactics accordingly.

The symposium is part of the Asset Protection Courses and Symposia, which gathers some of the best security practitioners for a comprehensive overview of the most pressing security issues today.

Mr. Augustus Caesar B. Esmeralda, the Managing Director and President of Ace And Associates, is expected to provide an overview of anti-terrorism measures in the corporate world. His firm has provided consultations and taken the lead on security operations for several high-profile companies and their projects—among them, Ayala Land Premier, Anchor Land Holding, Ayala Hotels and Resorts. In sharing its considerable expertise with its clients, the firm has put particular emphasis on the general peace and order situation, terrorism, and organized crimes—and their effects on the security and business landscape. Mr. Esmeralda, in his own right, is backed by decades of achievements in the security sector and related fields: From his combat service in the Armed Forces, to his considerable accomplishments in the private sector, which include his being the security lead for DHL Worldwide as Country Security Manager for the Philippines; and as Regional Security Director of Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, during which he covered nine countries and 37 properties. Mr. Esmeralda is a certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist.

Discussing cyberterrorism with attendees is Atty. Raul Cortez, the Legal and Corporate Affairs Director of Microsoft Philippines, Inc. Atty. Cortez has been with Microsoft Philippines, Inc. since 2011, following his service as legal and corporate securities leads in several communications technology companies. As part of Microsoft, he has publicly advocated for providing a safe computing environment for everyone in the Philippines—from the government to the corporate world, from private companies to all consumers. He has served as resource speaker for discussions on cybersecurity, on overcoming security threats, and on a healthier cybersecurity program for the country.

Capt. Carlos Ely C. Tingson will be discussing cybersecurity and terrorism in corporate world. Capt. Tingson is an Information Security Specialist / Technical Intelligence Officer of the Presidential Security Group, providing intelligence support as well as electronic countermeasures for protective operations for the President of the Republic of the Philippines. He also serves as the primary cybersecurity consultant to the National Security Council, reporting directly to the National Security Adviser. As a British Chevening Scholar, he attended the Royal Holloway University of London to take his masteral studies in Information Security, Cybersecurity Track. There, he conducted a study on the different challenges and response mechanisms of developing countries toward national cybersecurity development, with a concentration on Philippine government initiatives; he graduated with distinction.

Leading the discussion on the counterterrorism threat in the Philippines is Mr. Lamont Siller, a Federal Bureau of Investigation Legal Attaché assigned at the US Embassy in Manila. He served as the Unit Chief of the International Operations Division (IOD), Asia Unit at the FBI Headquarters in Washington, DC from July 2011 to may 2014.During his stint in the IOD, he program managed 12 Legal Attaché Offices in Asia and oversaw investigative operations within those Legats. He also served as a Supervisory Special Agent in the Counterterrorism Division (CTD) of the FBI. In CTD, he handled counterterrorism cases in the Birmingham, Jackson, Mobile, New Orleans, and Miami FBI Divisions. During his tenure with the FBI San Diego Division, he was one of the Case Agents assigned to the high-profile investigation of the federal corruption case against former Congressman Randall Cunningham.

To help attendees assess the capabilities of their security forces, Mr. Bingen Mendezona—currently the Vice President for Security of Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Inc. (AEV), the holding and investment company of the Aboitiz Group—is expected to share his experiences in providing security in a constantly changing business landscape. Mr. Mendezona has been with AEV for more than twelve years. During his tenure, he developed both their executive protection program and their Physical Security program.  Among his most notable contributions to AEV is the formalization of the company’s close protection segment with the Philippine National Police, which helped formulate the training standards adapted today for the Protective Agent licensure.

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