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More than just bombs and beheadings

When the threat of terrorism intrudes on the corporate world.

Terrorists have been catching up with the times, no longer limited to their usual criminal acts of bombings, kidnappings, beheadings; these groups have entered the realm of cyberspace. With a new avenue for extortion, a new platform to spread propaganda and sow fear—a new battlefield has been added in the war against terrorism: Cybersecurity and cybercrimes holds the new battlefront.

Cyber terrorism is not only a matter of national security; civilian and corporate enterprises are now viable targets, as terrorists are now engaged in identity theft, data theft, and malicious hacking to further terror agendas.

It’s imperative that security managers and officers be better-informed and better-equipped to avert and defend their clients against this new form of terrorism. For this reason, premier asset protection and risk management firm Ace And Associates, Inc. (AAA) partnered with SecurityMatters Magazine to conduct the Anti-Terrorism Symposium – Corporate Edition last 9 March 2017 at Hotel Jen, Pasay City.

The symposium was led by AAA’s President and Managing Director Ace Esmeralda; joining him were four renowned experts in the field: Captain Carlos Ely Tingson, an Information Security Specialist/Technical Intelligence Officer of the Presidential Security Group; Atty. Raul Cortez, the Legal and Corporate Affairs Director of Microsoft Philippines, Inc;, Mr. Lamot Siller, a Federal Bureau of Investigation Legal Attaché at the United States Embassy in Manila; and Mr. Bingen Mendezona, the Vice President for Security of Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Inc.

The five speakers shared case studies, as well as their first-hand experiences in dealing with terrorist groups and their activities—which are not limited to on-the-ground practical advice and practices to deter and fend off terrorist acts but also those in the realm of cyberspace.

Throughout the day, the delegates underscored the significance of taking proactive steps—in that the nature of the corporate world demands from its security officers the tenets of anti-terrorism, as opposed to counter-terrorism methods. Among those shared in the lively discussions among the speakers and delegates: Deterring terrorist activities not  only in physical sites, but also in their computers, laptops, and other electronic gadgets.

The Anti-Terrorism Symposium – Corporate Edition is part of the Asset Protection Courses and Symposia, held by SecurityMatters Magazine and AAA—a week-long course that tackles different areas of asset protection, security, and surveillance in a wide range of industries.

* * *

Check in again for more in-depth articles on the discussions during the Video Surveillance Course and the other lectures upon the conclusion of this week’s Asset Protection Courses and Symposia.

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