Be a Certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist

Be constantly and continuously armed with the knowledge on the latest techniques, tactics, and procedures to inhibit terror incidents, no matter their scope.

With the rise of terror incidents around the globe and the widespread presence of Islamic State veteran fighters as well as so-called lone wolves, it has become increasingly imperative that anti-terrorism measures be adapted into what may well be the next frontier of terror elements: The corporate world. Are you, as a security professional, ready to face the challenges head-on?


SecurityMatters Magazine and Global E2C Singapore invite you to the Certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist (CATS) program slated for 04 October – 06 October 2017. CATS aims to:

  • Renew and further your knowledge on terrorism
  • Impart skills and strategies in tackling terror acts
  • Widen your perspective on crisis management

In security, prevention is the key; it is the bedrock of asset protection and risk management. To better address proactively the threat of terrorism, one needs to be constantly and continuously armed with the knowledge on the latest techniques, tactics, and strategies used by terrorists and terror groups.

The CATS program is registered with and accredited by the Chartered International Institute of Security and Crisis Management (CIISCM), the first and only independent body representing security professionals in the Asia Pacific region. The CIISCM is committed to promoting the highest levels of integrity and professionalism within the industry by developing an Asia-wide industry standard for accrediting security and crisis management professionals and security training programs and courses.

Participants of the CATS program will receive certification directly from CIISCM and accorded Subscriber level membership to the institute.

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