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Security Safes: Do you need one?

How can I secure my hard-earned money? Is having a security safe a good idea? 

These are some of the common questions from people who want to increase their cash security and protect other valuables. 

There are various security requirements, depending on the nature of business. One may deal with a lot of cash, while the other holds sensitive information. If you are someone responsible for keeping these valuables safe, you will not want to expose it to risks since robberies, theft, and even calamities are unpredictable. 

This is where safes come in handy. They are perfect for a variety of businesses, including retail shops, convenience stores, hotels, restaurants, pawnshops, government agencies, and even at home.  

So, going back to the question of whether having a security safe is a good idea or not, here are three of the major advantages of having a safe:  

Prevents Employee Theft

If you google “employee theft,” you will be overwhelmed by the number of articles tackling the issue. In the 2018 Report to the Nations, 38 of the recorded cases of occupational fraud were in Australia. It also showed that 89% of the cases were asset misappropriation schemes, which included theft of cash on hand. One of the key findings stated that internal control weaknesses were responsible for nearly half of the cases.   

Therefore, to prevent employee theft, you have to make cash and other valuables difficult to steal. How? By using deposit safes, particularly those with slots for daily drops. The employee can simply drop large bills or checks into the deposit slot, so only a limited amount of cash will be kept in the register. Also, access to the safe is not compromised because the employee does not have to actually open the safe.   

Security safes also serve as a temporary holding place for your daily takings before couriers from your trusted cash-in-transit company collect and deposit it to your respective bank. This process reduces your banking time, allowing you to focus more on your business.

Protects Against Robberies 

Going over some of the news reports, the number of robberies, may it be in business establishments or at home, was pretty alarming. Most robbers tend to go directly to cash registers for quick money.  

In one of the reported robberies, a man with a handgun held up a worker at gunpoint in SubwayatKings Park, Sydney and grabbed $1000 before fleeing the crime scene.

Based on this incident, keeping a minimum amount of cash in the tills and storing the rest into a deposit safe would be smarter as it limits the amount of cash that can be stolen. A floor safe is also one of the better options to protect your money from robberies. It is strong, sturdy, and has high-security features. As long as it is properly installed and bolted down, it would be impossible for robbers to haul it off the floor.  

Preserves Valuables during Natural Disasters

Did you know that storm surge, flood, and bushfire are some of the main natural hazards affecting Australia?

In DisasterAssist, there are a number of these calamities recorded. To preserve your valuables in times of distress, it is imperative that you have a safety precaution in place. A lot of modern safes are already designed to withstand extreme conditions, not just theft and robbery. In the event of a fire or flood, there are fire-resistant and waterproof safes. There are also explosion and impact-resistant safes.

Having a safe allows you to keep important documents, emergency funds, and even that precious memorabilia handed down from generation to generation damage-free. This enables you to focus more on keeping you and your family out of harm’s way.

In today’s economic state where crime is also prevalent, cash security is more important than ever. Therefore, it’s important for any business to take preventive measures, like having a safe, to increase the security of their resources and reduce the risk of falling victim to unfortunate circumstances before it’s too late. No one knows who may be watching you and your business routines. 

Some people feel that their environment is safe and that securing their belongings is unnecessary. Some also think that they don’t have things of high value that need protection. Well, as the old saying goes: It is in losing something that we realize its significance