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Asia’s Largest Integrated Security Event Finally Opens Its Doors!

Due to the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, DT (Digital Transformation) and untact society have become the primary subjects, in which the importance of ICT industry’s infrastructure, security, is on the rise. Despite the severe recession, both security and ICT industry have fought its way, and such fact is clearly evident as Asia’s largest integrated security event SECON 2021, celebrating its 20th anniversary, is now officially open.

From the latest video surveillance, access control, biometrics, and cyber security solutions to physical and information security, SECON is the ideal networking platform for all major security trends of the 4th Industrial Revolution such as Artificial Intelligence, Smart City, Big Data and Block Chain. A variety of cutting-edge security solutions for the post-COVID paradigm, is raising the expectations of many.

SECON & eGISEC 2021 Opening Ceremony

Today’s opening ceremony was welcomed by many distinguished guests from the National Assembly, Ministry of Science and ICT, Ministry of the Interior and Safety, Ministry of National Defense, government departments, local governments, and security related organizations. The opening speech was held by Ki Joo Lee, the chairman of SECON Organising Committee, followed by a welcoming speech by Sung Wook Heo, the head of Network Policy department (Ministry of Science and ICT), Sun Yong Jung, the director of Digital Government Bureau (Ministry of the Interior and Safety). In addition, congratulatory addresses by Jun Ho Han (Science, ICT, Broadcasting, and Communications Committee), Young Lee (Public Administration and Security Committee), and Byung Joo Kim (National Defense Committee).

‘Due to the rapid rise in security threats, we have prepared a networking platform where all attendees will be able to gain an insight on the latest security solutions of the post-COVID pandemic paradigm. We will do our utmost in making sure that SECON becomes the major business hub of the security industry in Asia.’ – Ki Joo Lee, the chairman of SECON Organising Committee

SECON & eGISEC 2021 Exhibition Tour

In order to hold a safe exhibition, the fair manager has clearly marked the registration desk, display space, and the exhibition hall. Thermal imaging cameras have been installed at the registration desks, checking the temperature of each visitor. Footprint stickers on the floor enables the visitors to keep 1m social distance whilst waiting in the registration line. To prevent any inconvenience, those not wearing masks will be continuously informed.

Routes have been planned and monitored so that physical contact between exhibitors and visitors are kept at minimum. Due to the large number of visitors, thermal imaging cameras have been installed at exhibition entrances/exits, along with an untact quarantine gate. This gate prevents the spread of viruses and the inflow of fine dust through antiseptic aerosolization of clothing and air shower.

SECON is not just a trade fair for displaying new products and keeping an eye on latest security trends, but a business platform for import-export consultations. The Online Business Meeting Service allows attendees to enter the system at any time, providing diverse opportunities of engaging attendees with the exhibitors and their products. Both attendees and exhibitors can request meetings, in which attendees can arrange meetings with exhibitors directly via the online platform exhibitor profile page and manage their schedule. Video Conference function has been added for all those overseas buyers not able to visit the physical event.

In order to offer more value to the participating attendees, the Online Business Meeting Service will be open from 12th to 21st of May. In addition, 17 consultants from 13 main countries of the Big Buyer nations of Southeast Asia and Africa will give on-site consultations on market expansion strategies of their countries.

A wide variety of events has been prepared for visitors. Visitors can experience CPR as well as IoT Hacking Demonstrations. The IoT Hacking Demonstration emphasizes the importance of Smart-Home security by emphasizing the weakness of wall-pads and arbitrarily manipulating door locks, devices, smart lights and controlling gas heating.

Visiting the CPR Experience Center is essential for saving lives. The 4-minute critical time of the emergency measures following cardiac arrests, is the only provided time for CPR. If emergency measures are not taken within the 4-minute period, blood will not flow into the brain, increasing the risk factors for developing critical condition. Visitors are able to experience emergency reportings, chest compressions, and artificial respirations.

Lastly, visitors are more than welcome to enter the prize drawing event by taking part in the ‘Visitor Survey’, ‘Defibrillator Donation Campaign (indicating the institution or community the visitor wishes to make the donation to)’, sharing social media posts of the exhibition invitation, and posting photos taken by the photo wall on social media.