SECON 2022 – The Grand Opening of Asia’s Largest Integrated Security Exhibition

SECON 2021 at KINTEX, Korea

According to the ‘2022 Domestic and International Security Industry Projection Report,’ published by Security World and BOANNEWS, the domestic security industry will be worth (US) $5.05 billion in 2021, representing a 5.8% increase over the previous year. Furthermore, the report predicts that the security industry sector will continue to grow at a 4.5% annual rate in 2022, valuing $5.3 billion, and $5.5 billion with a 4.8% annual growth rate.

Moreover, the advancement of Artificial Intelligence’s application and applied area, integration of Artificial Intelligence with various sectors and industries, and increased importance of personal information protection are expected to affect the security demand to increase in 2022. As a result, the security industry is expected to be introduced to the public and international markets.

Especially, since the COVID-19 Pandemic outbreak, many aspects of our physical and cyber environments have changed and occurred in our daily lives, and as a result, the demand for security market is anticipated to expand steadily and demand for IT security is risen due to increased security measures in response to cyber threats that may cause national-level damage.

The 21st edition of SECON 2022 will take place in KINTEX, Korea, from April 20th to 22nd, 2022. The event will provide an opportunity to learn about the security market and technology trends at a glance. By attending the online business platform via online pre-registration, get to know what companies take part in, and get the latest security news and knowledge that will be shared in the exhibition this year.

A three-day festival for Security Professionals

SECON 2022, co-organized by the Ministries of Interior and Safety and Science and ICT, aims to contribute to the enhancement of national security by strengthening security professionals’ abilities and nurturing the domestic security sector. It helps attendees examine global trends and the latest technology trends in the security sector, which are key issues in the hyper-connected society and METAVERSE, and suggest right directions for the security industry in the future.

SECON, the Korean professional security exhibition, initially started in 2001 and marks its 21st anniversary this year as Asia’s largest integrated security exhibition. SECON, as an optimal place to exchange global trends and latest technologies and knowledge in the security sector, encompassing from physical and IT security can help attendees experience in one place, and will be held on a scale of approximately 32,157 square meters at Hall 3~5, KINTEX, Korea.

Maximize the Business Opportunities through ‘Business Programmes’

SECON not only introduces new products and studies the latest security trends, but it also offers a variety of programmes for exhibitors and visitors to consult on import and export security equipment and products as a business platform.

Firstly, as part of the business programme, we offer a ‘Online Business Platform’ and a ‘Consultancy Service for Overseas Operation’. Especially Online Business Platform is distinguished by a ‘Digital Showroom’ and an ‘Online Buyers Matchmaking Meetings’. The ‘Digital Showroom’ is a specially designed area for visitors who are unable to attend the physical event to explore the related products and solutions online.

Only the person who registers as a visitor through the online pre-registration page on the official event homepage. Following pre-registration, the user activates the account via a separate link provided by the platform, checks the exhibitors’ information, and proposes the meetings to the selected exhibitors. Once the proposed meetings are confirmed, you will be able to attend the meetings on the scheduled date and time. The Online Business Platform will be available from 20th of April to 31st of October 2022 allowing exhibitors and buyers to continue international and domestic business activities online even after the physical event concludes.

Consultancy Service for Overseas Operation is the matching programme to help local exhibitors promote their international business expansion to the developing countries. 13 public officials from 9 countries will be stationed on the exhibition for meetings with domestic companies.

Useful Programmes for Visitors

This year’s visitors will be able to see a ‘Demonstration of Unlocking and Quantum-resistant Encryption Communication Using Vulnerabilities in Access Control Devices’ as well as a ‘CPR Training Session’ and a ‘Eavesdropping Detection Demonstration’.

During the ‘Demonstration of Unlocking and Quantum-resistant Encryption Communication Using Vulnerabilities in Access Control Devices’ session, it will be shown how the inspection for the vulnerabilities in Access Control Devices that firms use to manage the entrance of employees and outsiders is done, as well as how can it be unlocked through hacking.

The ‘CPR Training Session’ is an important session because one can learn how to save a life by performing first aid in the event of a cardiac arrest. All attendees could learn about first aid at the experience hall, beginning with how to check the patient’s consciousness, calling 911, chest compressions, artificial respiration, and so on, with instructions provided by First Aid professionals free of charge.

‘Dose Detecting Demonstration’ shows what types of dose detection devices are available, and how they detect bugging. It will also share information on how to find the hidden camera in simplest way possible, as well as other useful information.

A Variety of Informative Concurrent Events

At the National Research & Development Pavilion, our national representative research institutions, Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA) and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI), will present various developed and developing security related technologies.

K-ICT Startups Pavilion is ready to provide actual business supports to promising local ICT and Security Sector Startup in order to increase the company value and induce the company growth and take-offs.

Security Awards Korea Pavilion is the place to meet the winning companies at ‘Security Award Korea 2021’ held last December. This award was established in 2018 to recognize companies that have created new value in the security sector by developing new technologies and superior products, as well as companies that have improved security competency through excellent administration and management throughout the years.

SECON 2022 is that it not only introduces limited products and solutions, but it also allows people to learn about a variety of security topics through the conferences. Security professionals will be invited to give presentations on current issues and trends in the security industry. The E-government Information Security Conference 2022 will present 12 tracks, totaling 47 topics, over the course of three days, with a particular focus on the trends in the IT industry, presented by professionals from each company.

Register now and do not miss the chance of experiencing cutting edge security solutions of the new post-pandemic paradigm at SECON 2022!

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