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Filipinos in Taiwan Find Support After Earthquake

MECO Provides Relief and Reassurance

The Manila Economic and Cultural Office (MECO) has stepped up to assist Filipinos in Taiwan following a powerful earthquake that struck Hualien County on April 3rd. The 7.2 magnitude tremor caused significant damage and casualties, prompting MECO to prioritize the well-being of the roughly 1,400 overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) residing in the affected area.

MECO Chair Silvestre H. Bello III wasted no time visiting Hualien, the quake’s epicenter. He met face-to-face with Filipino workers, sharing their pain and assuring them of President Bongbong Marcos’ support. Bello personally distributed relief packs and cash assistance to hundreds of individuals whose lives and work were disrupted by the disaster.

President Marcos expressed his sincere concern for the well-being of Filipinos in Taiwan and instructed MECO to provide all necessary aid to help them overcome the challenges caused by the earthquake. MECO officials, including Bello, Deputy Resident Representative Alice Visperas, Migrant Workers Office Director Cesar Chavez, and Welfare Officer Ruth Vivaldi, worked tirelessly to coordinate relief efforts.

Before visiting Hualien, Bello met with Filipino community leaders in Taiwan. These leaders provided valuable information about the situation faced by their members, allowing MECO to tailor its response effectively. During the meeting, Bello reiterated President Marcos’ message of support and relayed updates on the assistance being provided.

MECO has already distributed T$150,000 (approximately PHP265,000) to assist affected Filipinos. Furthermore, Bello personally visited four injured OFWs and presented each with T$10,000 (around PHP18,300) to aid in their recovery.

As Hualien begins the process of rebuilding, MECO’s swift and compassionate response has provided a vital lifeline for Filipinos navigating the aftermath of this disaster. The ongoing efforts demonstrate the strong support network available to Filipinos abroad, fostering a sense of security and community during challenging times.