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Filipino-American Congressman Hails Foreign Aid Bill as Boon for US-Philippine Security

Filipino-American Congressman Bobby Scott (D-VA) is celebrating the passage of the US foreign aid bill, which has allocated $95 billion for global security, particularly in the Indo-Pacific region and the Philippines. Scott, the only Filipino-American lawmaker in Congress, sees this package as a vital demonstration of American commitment to “democracy and freedom throughout the world” and has specifically highlighted its role in strengthening the US-Philippine partnership.

The bill allocates $8.12 billion for the Indo-Pacific, which is significant to the Philippines. Scott secured part of this allocation through a bipartisan amendment, which will be directed towards submarine infrastructure and development. This focus on submarines has not only security implications but also economic advantages. “We will have a large shipbuilding presence in that agreement, and a lot of those ships will be built in my district in Hampton Roads,” Scott explained. “This is an economic engine for our region. It means we will play a significant role in national security.”

Given the ongoing tensions in the South China Sea, the passage of the foreign aid bill is particularly timely. Scott expressed concern for the Philippines and its maritime disputes with China. He highlighted the importance of US support, stating, “We look forward to making sure that the Philippines is protected.” While acknowledging ongoing concerns, Scott relishes the strengthened US-Japan collaboration: “We’re always concerned. But I think the fact that the United States and Japan are actively working together will mean that we’re in a good position.”